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Copier Paper

Last Updated: 03/11/21
Copier Paper

A lightweight paper used for photocopying.

Product Details
  • asterisk Federal agencies are required by statute to purchase products as designated or specified under this program.
    asterisk asterisk Federal agencies are required to purchase sustainable products and services meeting EPA’s Recommendations to the maximum extent practicable.
Procurement Info

Where to Buy

Additional Guidance

Per FAR 23.403, agencies should purchase EPA-designated products composed of the highest percentage of recovered material practicable.  For printing and writing paper, 30 percent recovered materials is the minimum content level, but agencies should try to purchase paper containing 100 percent recovered materials.  100% recycled content paper is now widely available, including through FSSI Office Supplies Third Generation (OS3).

Copier paper that meets the Green Seal GS-07 standard may be available from contrators on the following GSA Multiple Award Schedule:

  • Schedule 75 SIN 75 200


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