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Wayne L. Morse Courthouse

Sustainable Facilities Tool

Make Effective Decisions


Collaborative Strategies
Construction project teams using integrative design approaches and collaborative practices save time and money by reducing the number of handoffs between the design team and builder.
Buildings and Health
Learn how to design and operate spaces that enhance physical health and emotional and social well-being and mitigate health risks. The guidance crosswalk has been updated for Fitwel v2.0.
High-Performance Impact
Read the latest case study on how GSA's high-performance buildings save energy, save water, cost less to operate, produce less waste, and have more satisfied occupants compared with typical buildings.
Submetering Wizard
Use the Submetering Wizard to learn about potential submetering features and benefits by type. You can also mark which benefits you've attained and create a customized list.
SFTool Product Search

Save time by searching brands and products that comply with federal sustainability requirements. Sort compliant products by performance, create projects, and gather documentation to streamline procurement.

Cost-Effective Upgrades

Identify potential high-performance improvements based on your building’s size and climate zone.