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Facility Topics

The first step to a creating a high-performance facility is to learn about the components. Use the sections below to learn how you can reduce utility costs and improve occupant health in your facility. And be sure to check out our other Helpful Tools for everyday tasks.

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Health
  • Other Topics
  • Federal Requirements

Buildings account for approximately 40% of the energy used in the United States. Learn how to reduce your building’s energy costs. Choose a topic to learn more

Energy & Atmosphere Grid-Interactive Efficient Buildings Net Zero Energy HVAC Systems Lighting Systems Submetering Plug Loads

Reduce your building’s water consumption to realize cost savings. Explore our guidance to get started. Choose a topic to learn more

Water Efficiency Water Systems Planted Roof Systems Restrooms Cleaning Stations Landscaping Services Plumbing Products
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Buildings can enhance occupant health by eliminating risks and creating supportive environments. Discover how to make your building healthier. Choose a topic to learn more

Sustainable Response to COVID-19 Buildings and Health Enhancing Health with Indoor Air Circadian Light Biophilic Design Indoor Environmental Quality IEQ Systems
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Explore other high-performance facility topics such as materials, site selection, environmental programs, and overall sustainability. Choose a topic to learn more

What is Sustainability? Climate Terms and Tools Materials & Resources Sustainable Sites Building Selection Environmental Programs Child Care Centers Helpful Tools

Federal facility management is governed by specific requirements. Read overviews of relevant regulations, including Executive Orders and the Guiding Principles. Choose a topic to learn more

Laws Executive Orders Annotated Executive Orders Guiding Principles Regulations
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Federal agencies have discovered many strategies to make their buildings more cost-effective. Learn from their policies, tools, and best practices. Choose a topic to learn more

Policies & Strategies Tools & Training Best Practices & Case Studies


Featured Child Care Centers

The focus of GSA child care facilities are to promote centers that are child-oriented, developmentally appropriate, beautiful, environmentally sensitive, health promoting and functional.


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