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SFTool – What do I do here?

Welcome to the Sustainable Facilities Tool! You’re here because you care about efficient, healthy buildings and environmentally-responsible purchasing. Whether you’re a facility manager, purchasing agent, designer, tenant, or just curious, SFTool can help you take action to green your buildings, purchases, and operations.

Here are a few things you can do here:

Why did we build the SFTool?

The General Services Administration is tasked with putting our nation’s public servants into efficient, healthy buildings and buying goods and services that provide maximum value to the taxpayer. With each green building, waste and utility costs drop, people breathe better air and we conserve resources for future generations. Helping the Federal Government learn, plan and explore how to build and buy green is our mission, but we built SFTool to inspire and prepare everyone to take action. Learn more about GSA’s Office of Federal High-Performance Buildings. 

A link or mention anywhere on SFTool is not an endorsement of the views, products, or services provided by the linked resource.