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SFTool – What do you need to do?

Welcome to the Sustainable Facilities Tool!  Whether you’re a facility manager, purchasing agent, designer, tenant, or just curious, you’re here because you care about efficient, healthy buildings and environmentally-responsible purchasing.  SFTool prepares you to take action.

Tools to help with everyday tasks

Understanding Federal Requirements

Ensure that your new construction and major renovations comply with the six federal Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

Learn how selected building certification standards can help meet the Guiding Principles

Building Certification Standards Crosswalk

Explore how the Guiding Principles relate to health and wellness guidelines, standards, and building rating systems.

Health & Wellness Guidance Crosswalk
Project Planning & Development

Discover potential high-performance improvements based on your building’s size and climate zone.

Cost Effective Upgrades

Learn about submetering techniques and benefits by system, marking the benefits you’ve already attained and exporting your customized list


Compare potential materials on IEQ, resource use, and life cycle costs.

Material Comparisons

Identify federal green purchasing requirements for products and services


Search brands and products that comply with federal sustainability requirements

SFTool Product Search

Explore Federal government tools and resources for cost-effective and sustainable acquisition across the procurement life cycle.

Using Acquisition Life Cycle Tools
Operations & Maintenance

Assess your facility operations knowledge, identify areas for training, and locate free resources.

Federal Facilities Skills Assessment Tool

Learn about COVID-19 re-entry concerns and read resources gathered by GSA OFHPB.

COVID-19 Re-Entry Resources

Benchmark and measure workplace quality improvements.

Total Workplace Scorecard

A few other things you can do here:

Why did we build the SFTool?

The General Services Administration is tasked with putting our nation’s public servants into efficient, healthy buildings and buying goods and services that provide maximum value to the taxpayer. With each high-performance building, waste and utility costs drop, people breathe better air and we conserve resources for future generations. Helping the Federal Government make sustainable decisions and achieve high-performance is our mission, but we built SFTool to inspire and prepare everyone to take action. Learn more about GSA’s Office of Federal High-Performance Buildingsopens in new window.

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