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SFTool Guide

What is the Sustainable Facilities Tool?

The Sustainable Facilities Tool (SFTool) helps you conserve resources and reduce operating costs by bringing together the information you need to make sustainable design, operations and procurement choices. Use SFTool as your quick reference for day-to-day questions or dig deeper to understand more about efficiency, indoor environmental quality, conservation and the connections between them.

Sustainability is a team effort — understanding other’s goals and perspectives can help you work toward sustainable operation!

Information for your role

The SFTool has great information to help you reduce environmental impact and save your organization money. To speed your access to the information you need, we’ve developed a set of user guides to take you straight to the topics that might interest you most.

Click on the role below that best describes you to go to that user guide. When you’re done, feel free to check out other user guides and explore the rest of the site!

Get value with the SFTool

  • Learn the basics about sustainability topics, from sustainable sites to water conservation
  • Start planning your upgrade or building project and track your material selections through the tool
  • Explore workspaces and building systems to understand how to optimize performance
  • Demonstrate your knowledge with our no-cost Federal Facilities Skills Assessment Tool (FEDSAT)
  • Choose sustainable alternatives to traditional supplies and equipment with the Green Procurement Compilation
  • Stay up to date on building rating systems and Federal mandates
  • Share your success stories with others and see how your peers are achieving success