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Project Manager User Guide

This guide covers how the Sustainable Facilities Tool (SF Tool) can assist you with incorporating sustainability into all the projects you oversee. The SF Tool can assist with the following responsibilities:

I. Managing Project Requirements II. Meeting Project Goals III. Accounting for Project Impacts
  • Limiting project costs upfront and over the product's life cycle
  • Aligning project goals within applicable regulations while meeting any certification requirements
  • Delivering a project on schedule
  • Delivering a project that meets the desired environmental and performance goals
  • Understanding the project's overall effect on energy, water, natural materials, and other resource consumption.
  • Understanding the project's overall impact on human behavior and well-being.

III. Accounting for Project Impacts

"As a Project Manager, I should deliver a final product that accounts for future environmental, social, and financial impacts and works to optimize those impacts for the betterment of my organization and society as a whole."


Break down the silos!

As a Project Manager, I don’t live or work in a bubble.

To deliver a successful project, I regularly correspond with a variety of professionals who would benefit from the value of the SF Tool.

Integrative Design Process
General Contractors Occupants
Manufacturers Facility Managers
Procurement Professionals Architects
Engineers Owners
Decision Makers Maintenance Personnel

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