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Facility Manager User Guide

This guide covers using the Sustainable Facilities Tool to assist you in the maintenance and care of your faciilty. The SFTool can assist with the following responsibilities:
I. Building & Grounds Management II. Space Management III. Procurement Management
  • Protecting and optimizing assets
  • Maintaining building systems and exterior surroundings
  • Ensuring a suitable working environment for employees and activities
  • Selection of carpet, paint, office furniture, etc
  • Managing budget by selecting cost effective items that facilitates the working environment

I. Building & Grounds Management

"As a Facility Manager, I am responsible for increasing my building’s energy efficiency and optimizing the use of natural resources in my building."


Break down the silos!

As a Facility Manager, I don’t live or work in a bubble.

To deliver a successful project, I regularly work with a variety of professionals who would benefit from the value of the SFTool.

Integrative Design Process
General Contractors Occupants
Manufacturers Project Managers
Procurement Professionals Architects
Engineers Owners
Decision Makers Maintenance Personnel
Specialized Consultants Interior Designers

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