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Procurement Professional

Procurement Professional User Guide

This guide covers how the Sustainable Facilities Tool (SF Tool) can assist you in purchasing activities within the office setting. The SF Tool can assist with the following responsibilities:

I. Value-Based Purchasing II. Regulation and FAR Compliance III. Purchasing Activity
  • Manage expenses by selecting cost effective alternatives
  • Promoting the importance of purchase decisions on sustained environmental stewardship throughout the building’s life cycle.
  • Ensuring purchases are Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) compliant
  • Aligning office procurements with EPA, DOE and USDA guidance
  • Browse all products within the Green Procurement Compilation
  • Search for a specific product within the Green Procurement Compilation

III. Purchasing Activity

"As a Procurement Professional, I am responsible for negotiating and securing purchasing agreements for the vast range of materials needed to support my organization’s successful operations."

Search for products within the Green Procurement Compilation

  1. Browse all products within the Green Procurement Compilation
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Break down the silos!

As a Procurement Professional, I don’t live or work in a bubble.

To deliver a successful project, I regularly correspond with a variety of professionals who would benefit from the value of the SF Tool.

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Manufacturers Facility Managers
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