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Last Updated: 01/30/17
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  • Federal agencies are required to purchase products as designated or specified under this program
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Semi-Durable Films
Additional Guidance

According to BioPreferred, films are products that are used in packaging, wrappings, linings, and other similar applications.  Semi-durable films are designed to resist water, ammonia, and other compounds, to be re-used, and to not readily biodegrade. Products in this item are typically used in the production of bags and packaging materials.  Non-durable films are intended for single use for short-term storage or protection before being discarded. Non-durable films that are designed to have longer lives when used are included in this item.

BioPreferred maintains an electronic product catalog listing products that either 1. are eligible for preferred federal procurement, or 2. have earned the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label.