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Views (to the Outside)

Building occupants with access to outside views have an increased sense of well-being. Keeping employees happy and healthy is good for business, as happy employees show higher productivity and increased job satisfaction, resulting in less employee turnover. In order to provide equitable access to views, it is recommended that private offices are located toward the core of the space and that low workstation panels are installed to allow for maximum daylight penetration. Use glass walls and partitions to enable views out from interior spaces.

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  • Project Executive - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    Terms Green Teams Project Executive The Project Executive is responsible for...typically the senior member of the project team and is responsible for the success
    https://sftool.gov › plan › 584 › project-executive
  • Sustainable Response to COVID-19 - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    Sustainable Response to COVID-19 Decision Guide This Decision Guide is the product of...(GBAC) Sustainable Response to COVID-19 Task Group. The decision guide builds on
    https://sftool.gov › learn › about › 625 › sustainable-response-covid-19
  • Welcome - FEDSAT

    ...The Federal Facilities Skills Assessment Tool (FEDSAT) is a no-cost, online...affected by the Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act (FBPTA) to demonstrate...FEDSAT Helping your agency comply with the Federal Buildings Personnel Training...user account to keep track of your progress. Start FEDSAT The General Services
    https://sftool.gov › fedsat
  • Interim Report on Evaluation of GSA Total Estimated Cost Impact (TECI) Metrics Center for Building Performance and Diagnostics Carnegie Mellon University May 31, 2019

    University May 31, 2019 Executive Report on the Evaluation of GSA Total Estimated Cost...Managers and the Central Office a Dashboard with Integrated Access to: 1. Advanced
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › Iswg › iswg-case-studies › GSA CMU TECI ISWG October 2020.pdf
  • Train - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ...The Facilities Management Institute (FMI) exists to help facilities management...tools and resources explicitly designed to advance your skills, knowledge and professional...Management Institute The Facilities Management Institute (FMI) exists to help facilities...tools and resources explicitly designed to advance your skills, knowledge and professional
    https://sftool.gov › train
  • Green Procurement Compilation - About - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    Learn what GPC is, how to navigate our products and services, and review our...About the Green Procurement Compilation What is the GPC? The Green Procurement...visiting multiple web sites. The GPC allows you to: Quickly identify federal green
    https://sftool.gov › greenprocurement › about
  • Share - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ...from the knowledge you've gained by improving your facility! Contribute to the...from across the government and private sector. Choose a topic to learn more Agency...discovered many effective practices to make their buildings sustainable. Many
    https://sftool.gov › apply
  • System Overview > IEQ - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ...The indoor environmental quality (IEQ) of an office facility is affected by...conditions along with occupants' ability to control these conditions....indoor environmental quality (IEQ).2 The indoor environment of an office facility...contribute to improved overall IEQ and occupant satisfaction. The personal ability
    https://sftool.gov › explore › green-building › section › 30 › ieq › system-overview
  • Slide 1

    Operations Agricultural Research Service The Forest Service Animal Plant Health Inspection...3rd party certified buildings under the LEED and Green Globes systems Today's
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › Iswg › iswg-case-studies › USDA Green Buildings %E2%80%93 CBroad, Sep. 2013.pdf
  • System Overview > HVAC - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ...fresh air to building occupants. HVAC systems are often the source of the largest...providing thermal comfort and fresh air to building occupants. This is no small...some of the biggest sources of energy waste, but also provide some of the largest
    https://sftool.gov › explore › green-building › section › 9 › hvac › system-overview
  • About - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ...The Sustainable Facilities Tool prepares facility managers, purchasing agents...agents, designers, tenants, and the simply curious, to take actions that support efficient...SFTool What do you need to do? Welcome to the Sustainable Facilities Tool...prepares you to take action. Stay up to date by subscribing to the SFTool Newsletter
    https://sftool.gov › home › about
  • Microsoft Word - Supporting the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators

    Supporting the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators Supporting the Health...October 2014 2 FOREWORD To address a requirement in the Presidential Memorandum
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › supporting_the_health_of_honey_bees_and_other_pollinators.pdf
  • Framework Step 3: Plan - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    Overview Net Zero Energy Transformation to Net Zero Energy Net Zero Examples Additional...Framework for Managing Climate Risks to Federal Agency Supply Chains Background
    https://sftool.gov › plan › 559 › framework-step-3-plan
  • Better Buying Power 2.0.pdf.pdf.pdf.pdf

    ACQUISITION, TECHNOLOGY AND LOGISTICS THE UNDER SECRETARY OF DEFENSE 3010 DEFENSE...Better Buying Power 2.0: Continuing the Pursuit for Greater Efficiency and Productivity
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › Better Buying Power 2.0.pdf.pdf.pdf.pdf
  • Healthy Cleaning - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    Healthy Cleaning Note: The information, content, and data found in this module...should not be viewed as, nor considered an endorsement of, the types of custodial
    https://sftool.gov › learn › about › 645 › healthy-cleaning
  • Project Manager > User Guides - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    This guide covers how the SFTool can assist you with incorporating sustainability...Manager User Guide This guide covers how the Sustainable Facilities Tool (SFTool)...into all your projects. The SFTool can assist with the following responsibilities:
    https://sftool.gov › green-guidance › for › 4 › project-manager
  • Human Behavior > IEQ - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    Human behavior and interaction with the building space plays a critical component...can only be achieved and sustained if the occupants and planted roof system are...essential to maintaining indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and the health, financial...achieved if executed hand-in-hand with the occupants. Occupant Survey IEQ occupant
    https://sftool.gov › explore › green-building › section › 49 › ieq › human-impact
  • 21540?description=Landscaping_FINAL_Applicable_Clauses_and_Provisions_1_5_16.pdf

    Provisions for Landscaping Services The following sustainability-related FAR...applicable to federal contracts for landscaping services. Be sure to refer the FAR
    https://sftool.gov › attachment › downloadattachmentpdf › 21540?description=Landscaping_FINAL_Applicable_Clauses_and_Provisions_1_5_16.pdf
  • Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ...sustainable strategies when procuring the movable furniture, fixtures and equipment...that have no permanent connection to the structure of a building. Federal projects
    https://sftool.gov › plan › 264 › furniture-fixtures-equipment
  • System Overview > Submetering - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ...interactions that ultimately can lead to significant cost reductions....itself does not reduce utility costs, but the data can guide management strategies...Business Case: How to calculate cost-effective solutions in the building context
    https://sftool.gov › explore › green-building › section › 86 › submetering › system-overview

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