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Upcoming Events

Date Title Provider
09/18/18 The Best of the 2018 Better Buildings Summit DOE
09/18/18 Introductory eProject Builder Demonstration DOE
09/19/18 Saving Water in Restrooms with WaterSense EPA
09/26/18 Field Test Results of New HVAC Technologies DOE
09/26/18 Placing UESC Task Orders under the GSA Areawide Contract DOE
09/26/18 Resources for Better Air Management in Data Centers DOE
10/10/18 Federal Green Challenge Webinar: Green Energy Can Save Your Federal Facility Greenbacks EPA
10/11/18 GSA's Proving Ground:   Circulator Pumps with Automated Control GSA
10/11/18 Reducing Outdoor Water Use With Microirrigation EPA
10/16/18 Benchmarking Water: New Approaches and Opportunities for Buildings DOE
10/17/18 Minimizing Water Use in Mechanical/HVAC Systems EPA
10/18/18 Waste Management: Strategies for a Successful Recycling Program EPA
10/25/18 Ensuring ESPC Project Performance After Acceptance DOE
10/30/18 Analytics in Commercial Buildings: Second Year Outcomes on Costs, Savings, and Industry Trends from the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign DOE
11/08/18 GSA's Proving Ground:  Lighting Controls with LED Fixtures GSA
12/04/18 Better Buildings: Technology Research Team Showcase DOE
12/06/18 GSA's Proving Ground:  Alternative Water Treatment for Cooling Towers GSA
12/12/18 Every Drop Counts - Assessing and Evaluating Water Efficiency in Capital Improvement Projects EPA
01/08/19 Better Buildings: Workforce Development & You DOE
02/05/19 Lessons from the Field: Real World Applications that Inform R&D DOE
03/05/19 Better Buildings, Better Bodies: Strategies for Health & Wellness DOE
Impact of GSA HPB
The Impact of GSA's High-Performance Buildings

High-performance buildings of the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) save energy, save water, cost less to operate, produce less waste, and have more satisfied occupants compared with typical buildings. In short, they deliver cost savings and tenant satisfaction.

Have a story to share?

Have you successfully integrated sustainable design into your space? Did something not go the way you planned? Upload your pictures and a brief write-up to share your success/struggles with your renovation. Get comments from the community and helpful suggestions to your issues.

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Philip J. Philbin Federal Building in Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Bennett Federal Building May 2013 LEED.jpg
High-Performance Real Estate with Existing Buildings
Open Meeting Room
Connected Workplace
Good Visual Access
Collaborative Knowledge Work Environments
Historically Sustainable Nakamura Courthouse
Portland 911 Federal Building
The 911 Federal Building