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Last Updated: 06/29/18

An assembled unit consisting of a frame/sash component holding one or more pieces of glazing functioning to admit light and/or air into an enclosure and designed for a vertical installation in an external wall of a Residential Building. Includes Transoms.

Product Details
  • Federal agencies are required to purchase products as designated or specified under this program
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Guiding Principles
Contributes to meeting The Guiding Principles for High Performance and Sustainable Buildings
Additional Guidance

The ENERGY STAR Most Efficient program identifies the most efficient products among those that qualify for the ENERGY STAR in particular product categories. Product categories were selected and recognition criteria were established to ensure that products that receive this recognition demonstrate efficiency performance that is truly exceptional, inspirational, or leading edge. There are Most Efficient criteria for a variety of window types: vertical sliders (single-hung and double-hung), horizontal sliders, casement style, and fixed or picture.

Included products. Windows for residential buildings are eligible for ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient 2017 recognition. Excluded products. The following products are not eligible for ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2017 recognition:  Windows for commercial buildings  Doors  Skylights  Tubular Daylighting Devices

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