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Learn & Plan Topics

  • Energy & Atmosphere

    Buildings and facilities rely on the operation of mechanical systems and electrical systems to maintain a high level of indoor environmental qual...

  • Sustainable Response to COVID-19

    Resources on sustainably responding to COVID-19 compiled by GSA's OFHPGB
  • Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

    Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) is most simply described as the conditions inside the building. It includes air quality, but also access to da...

  • Materials & Resources

    In the construction and day-to-day operations of buildings, many materials and resources are used and a great deal of waste is generated. The m...

Building Automation System

A building automation system (BAS) is used to monitor and control building components and systems. BAS can integrate the operation of fans, pumps, heating/cooling equipment, dampers, mixing boxes, thermostats, and other devices. Monitoring and optimizing temperature, pressure, humidity, and flow rates are key functions of modern building automation systems.

FEMP Training - Building Automation Systems for Existing Federal Facilitiesopens in new window

Whole Building Systems

  • HVAC - Green Globes for Existing Buildings

    Does the building have building automation systems (BAS)?

  • IEQ - Green Tips

    Directly exhaust kitchen and bathroom areas to the outdoors. Consider a 100% direct exhaust system operated by a timer or the [building automation s...

  • Submetering - System Impact on Humans

    Submeters offer an exciting look into a building's energy consumption. While submetering systems by themselves have no direct impact on resource use...

  • Submetering - System Bundling

    Submetering technology can work independently to track specific utility information or consumption for a system or space, however, its potential is ...

  • HVAC - Commissioning

    The process of ensuring that your building is operating properly starts with commissioning. In general, commissioning is the process of ensuring tha...

  • HVAC - System Specific Maintenance

    The Federal Energy Management Program’s guide Operations & Maintenance Best Practices has detailed guidance and checklists on the maintena...


  • Filtration System

    Reduce waste by providing water dispensers that filter water. Under-sink water filters and instant hot water dispensers can be incorporated into ...
  • Entrance Mats

    Entrance Mats located at the main doors of the building, either on the exterior or interior, trap the contaminants from foot traffic. Dust, dirt ...
  • Overhead Air Distribution

    Overhead air distribution is the most common approach to mixing and delivering conditioned air to a space, though the delivery method can vary from ...