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Temperature Range Limits

Building occupants tend to adjust the thermostat to suit their preferences.  In order to ensure that energy is not being wasted by temperatures that are too cool or too warm, building management can set the thermostat so that adjustments can only be made within a certain accepted range.  By programming an allowable temperature range, users will be able to adjust the thermostat to a level which is comfortable to them, but which is still within the range of what is efficient for the facility.

Whole Building Systems

  • HVAC - Green Tips and Strategies

    Consider providing a temperature and humidity monitoring system to ensure optimal thermal comfort performance.

  • HVAC - Green Tips and Behavior

    Provide individual air and temperature controls at each workstation.

  • IEQ - Temperature

    To optimize worker performance, treat indoor air temperature to remain within the range of 70 °F to 73 °F.1 Providing thermal controls to al...


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