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  • Building Systems Upgrades

    This page details Sustainable Strategies to consider as your space undergoes a building system upgrade to improve energy, water use, and occupant co...
  • Building Operations and Maintenance Services

    Follow these sustainable strategies as your space renovations are complete and the building and interiors are operated in an environmentally sustai...
  • Policies & Strategies

    This section is devoted to the broad policies and strategies covering the whole government or entire agencies, services or bureaus, which set the co...
  • Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

    Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) is most simply described as the conditions inside the building. It includes air quality, but also access to da...

  • Water Efficiency

    Buildings are significant users of the Earth’s freshwater supply. The goal of a responsible building operator should be to encourage a sma...

  • Materials, Furniture, and Furnishings Replacement

    Daily wear and tear means that materials, furniture and furnishings require periodic replacement.

  • Space Reconfiguration and Renovation Projects

    As needs change over time, tenants often need to convert space or phase the conversion of individual space or rooms to meet these changing needs....

  • Under 10,000 SF Interiors Gut Rehab Project

    This page provides Sustainable Strategies to consider as a space has or will undergo a major tenant gut rehab for projects under 10,000 SF.

  • Buildings and Health

    The challenge for building design and operations is to identify and eliminate health risks while also providing positive physical, emotional, and...

  • Enhancing Health with Indoor Air

    Four key levers to enhance health and performance by improving indoor air.
  • Building Selection

    A variety of physical building characteristics and operations policies should be evaluated for compliance with and support of the spaces’ heal...

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Whole Building Systems

  • IEQ - Green Cleaning Plan

    A successful Green Cleaning Plan limits the exposure of building occupants and maintenance personnel to potentially hazardous chemicals, ensures pro...

  • HVAC - Green Tips and Strategies

    Inspect tubes annually and clean as needed or use automatic tube-cleaning equipment.

  • IEQ - Green Tips

    Create a green cleaning maintenance plan utilizing less-toxic cleaning materials and strategies.

  • IEQ - Green Cleaning and Integrated Pest Management

    It is no surprise that regular upkeep is necessary to maintain a high indoor air quality, as dust, dirt, and mold accrue on materials in the space o...

  • Lighting - Green Tips

    Train personnel in proper maintenance techniques, including cleaning and relamping.

  • Water - Green Tips Impact

    Adequately clean and disinfect any mold or algae attributed to excessive moisture in the workplace.

  • IEQ - Green Tips

    Regularly clean and replace air filters.

  • IEQ - Green Tips

    Institute a green cleaning plan that emphasizes the use of an entryway dirt capture system.

  • IEQ - Green Tips

    Maintain cleanliness levels with Green Cleaning and Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Plans.

  • IEQ - Green Tips

    Practice source control by specifying low-emitting cleaning materials and integrating entryway capture systems.

  • IEQ - Green Tips

    Create safe, convenient and secure storage space for all cleaning supplies and chemicals to prevent spills.

  • IEQ - EQp3

    Green Cleaning Policy

  • IEQ - EQc6

    Green Cleaning - Custodial Effectiveness Assessment

  • IEQ - EQc7

    Green Cleaning - Products and Materials

  • IEQ - EQc8

    Green Cleaning - Equipment

  • IEQ - Green Globes for Existing Buildings

    Is there easy access for cleaning and inspecting filters?

  • IEQ - Green Globes for Existing Buildings

    Does the contract with the cleaning contractors specifically state that they are to use environmentally preferable cleaning materials?

  • IEQ - Facility Manager

    By establishing green cleaning contracts and purchasing agreements that specify environmentally-friendly cleaning and office materials, the facility...

  • Lighting - Example Survey Questions

    Is there a planned schedule of cleaning light fixtures? Is there a group-relamping program?

  • IEQ - Green Globes for Existing Buildings

    Is there a program of regular maintenance and cleaning of the cooling towers that includes monthly inspection for evidence of mold or slime?

  • Water - Operations and Maintenance

    Maintenance personnel are critical in sustaining a successful water system upgrade into the future. The water components need to be commissioned as ...

  • IEQ - IAQ Management

    Construction and renovation projects pose a unique threat to indoor air quality. IAQ management plans should be instated that emphasize the protecti...

  • IEQ - LEED O+M: Existing Buildings (v4)

    Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED) for Building Operations and Maintenance (O+M) dedicates an entire credit section to enhancing t...

  • Solid Waste - Facility Manager

    The Facility Manager, who sometimes serves the building’s Recycling Coordinator, is responsible for procuring solid waste and recycling services and...

  • Water - Green Tips

    Consider water consumption when maintaining landscape. Avoid using water to clean sidewalks, parking lots, or other hardscapes. Use mulch and suffic...

  • IEQ - Maintenance

    Maintenance personnel are critical in ensuring ongoing indoor environmental performance. Thorough green cleaning and purchasing plans should be easy...

  • IEQ - O&M

    The commercial cleaning industry in the U.S. annually uses 8 billion pounds of chemicals annually.1 These chemicals, as well as operations and maint...

  • IEQ - Entryway Systems

    Incorporating an entryway dirt capture or walk-off system by the exterior doors collects indoor pollutants that would otherwise be introduced into t...

  • Solid Waste - Green Construction Policy and Waste Management Plan

    Through a Green Construction Policy and Waste Management Plan, a project team can effectively plan for and take steps to minimize the amount of non-...

  • IEQ - Moisture Control

    Moisture can enter the office building in a number of ways, including leaks in the building envelope and plumbing systems or excessive moisture in t...

  • Planted Roof - Energy Production

    The vegetation on a planted roof removes fine particulates (PM), black carbon, and pollen out of the air, which lends well to incorporating solar pa...


  • Oven and Grill Cleaners

    Over cleaners often use strong chemicals to break down accumulated grease and food residue. These cleansers can contribute to po...
  • Dish Washing Products

    Soaps and other cleansing agents are required for washing and sanitizing food service items. Select products that are plant-base...
  • Toilet Partitions

    Toilet partitions can be floor-mounted, wall-mounted, or ceiling-mounted for ease of cleaning. Floor mounted toilet partitions ...
  • Fluid Applied

    Fluid applied flooring is commonly made of a poured epoxy or urethane coating. It is commonly used in restrooms or in decorative areas where easy cl...
  • Waterless Urinal

    Waterless urinals are touch-free fixtures that are designed to be entirely water-free. Instead of using water to clean the bowl, urine travels...
  • Recycling containers

    Recycling bins come in a variety of shapes and sizes to help keep recyclables organized and pest-free. There are large bins for breakroom and cop...
  • Frozen Yogurt

    Frozen yogurt and soft-serve ice cream dispensers must maintain low temperatures all the time to provide a consistent product quality and freshness....
  • Cool Food Prep Area

    Surfaces used for food preparation should be easy to clean and anti-microbial. A sink should be within close proximity for both ...
  • Food Washing Station

    Food preparation stations usually require access to clean water. Select faucets that carry a Water Sense label for water efficie...
  • Dry Storage

    Dry food storage should be provided off the room floor on shelves or racks that can be easily cleaned. Food should be stored in air-tight containers...
  • Plants / Planters

    Interior plants contribute to an aesthetically pleasing environment. There are several different types of indoor plants, all which vary accordi...