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Entryway Systems/Walk-off Mats

Toxins are tracked into a building on occupants’ shoes. Entryway systems, like grates, grills, and walk-off mats can greatly reduce the amount of outside dirt, dust, and particulates brought into the building. This makes for a cleaner environment, and cuts down on the amount of cleaning necessary to maintain a high level of cleanliness in the facility.

Whole Building Systems

  • IEQ - Entryway Systems

    Incorporating an entryway dirt capture or walk-off system by the exterior doors collects indoor pollutants that would otherwise be introduced into t...

  • IEQ - Green Tips

    Institute a green cleaning plan that emphasizes the use of an entryway dirt capture system.

  • IEQ - Green Tips

    Practice source control by specifying low-emitting cleaning materials and integrating entryway capture systems.

  • IEQ - LEED BD+C: New Construction (v4)

    Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED) for Building Design and Construction (BD+C) highlights indoor environmental quality in a fully ...

  • IEQ - Green Cleaning and Integrated Pest Management

    It is no surprise that regular upkeep is necessary to maintain a high indoor air quality, as dust, dirt, and mold accrue on materials in the space o...

  • IEQ - Human Behavior

    The way occupants interact with and utilize the building space has a direct effect on overall IEQ as many times it is humans that introduce harmful ...


  • Entrance Mats

    Entrance Mats located at the main doors of the building, either on the exterior or interior, trap the contaminants from foot traffic. Dust, dirt ...
  • Metal Systems

    Metal ceilings are not often used in office spaces as it tends to be a high-end finish and does not offer the same acoustical properties as acoust...
  • Systems Furniture

    Systems furniture is frequently used in open office areas because of its flexibility in being reconfigured and rearranged. It is generally comprised...