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Retro-commissioning is commissioning of a building that has never been or was not fully commissioned at its completion. It includes developing a building operation plan that identifies current operating requirements and needs, conducting tests to determine whether building systems are performing optimally in accordance with the plan, and making any necessary repairs or changes.

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  • Resources > Lighting - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ...energy reduction goals. Commission and retro-commission the lighting system to...waste and maintenance concerns. Commission all lighting systems including controls
    https://sftool.gov › explore › green-building › section › 36 › lighting › resources-impact
  • O&M > HVAC - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ...not well maintained. Auditing and commissioning the HVAC system and creating an...sustained performance over time. Commissioning The process of ensuring that your
    https://sftool.gov › explore › green-building › section › 47 › hvac › o-m-impact
  • Mandates / Standards > Water - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ...comprehensive water evaluations through retro-commissioning of 25 percent of covered facilities...0.htm Relation to Water: water commissioning, solar hot water equipment, water
    https://sftool.gov › explore › green-building › section › 22 › water › relevant-mandates-and-rating-systems
  • Integrative Design Process > Lighting - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ...is installed. It is important to commission the new lighting technologies and...maintenance plan for future retro commissioning efforts to ensure requirements
    https://sftool.gov › explore › green-building › section › 2 › lighting › integrative-design-process
  • PowerPoint Presentation

    ...water and chilled water system Retro-Commissioning Example Johnson Space Center...Center Building 4 South 6 Retro-Commissioning Example Glenn Research Center Building
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › Iswg › iswg-policies-strategies › NASA Sustainable Facilities and Principles_EMszarupdatedJun15.pdf
  • NASA/Clark Energy Group JPL ESPC Contract

    Building 301 Retro-commissioning Implementation Period Retro-commissioning performed...Phase I and Performance Period Retro-commissioning (Note: This was expanded to
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › Iswg › iswg-case-studies › NASA JPL ESPC with notes.pdf
  • PowerPoint Presentation

    Controls T8: Auditing, Commissioning, and Retro- Commissioning T9: Integrated Building
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › Iswg › iswg-tools › 2020 EEx ISWG Presentation 200423.pdf
  • Slide 1

    Sustainability Policy Commissioning Re-/Retro-commissioning Sustainability Survey...lamps and incandescents Re-/Retro-commission Meter utilities Renewables
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › Iswg › iswg-case-studies › USDA Green Buildings %E2%80%93 CBroad, Sep. 2013.pdf
  • FBI Energy and Water Steering Committee Meeting FY21 Q2

    ...term energy savings (e.g. HVAC retro-commissioning), are of lower priority than...upgrades, metering, energy audits, and commissioning. FEWCIP Investments and Impact
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › Iswg › iswg-case-studies › FEWCIP Huxley and Koprowski ISWG 4.15.21.pdf

    Central Boiler/Chiller Plants Retro-commissioning based activities Non-building
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › Iswg › iswg-tools › ISWG.ESPC ENABLE Jan 21 2016_final.pdf
  • Interim Report on Evaluation of GSA Total Estimated Cost Impact (TECI) Metrics Center for Building Performance and Diagnostics Carnegie Mellon University May 31, 2019

    ...18/GSF for retro-commissioning (EBCx). GSAlink provides key retro-commissioning...critical percent of continuous commissioning, with demonstrated energy impact
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › Iswg › iswg-case-studies › GSA CMU TECI ISWG October 2020.pdf
  • GSA Sustainable Buildings Program.pdf

    ...with: ❏ Ventilation testing ❏ Retro-commissioning ❏ Lighting and controls retrofits...related to energy efficiency, systems commissioning, water conservation, and indoor
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › Iswg › iswg-policies-strategies › GSA Sustainable Buildings Program.pdf
  • Sustainable Response to COVID-19 - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ...standards in effect during design. Retro-commission existing building systems, especially...Building HVAC Systems ENERGY.GOV Commissioning in Federal Buildings Determining
    https://sftool.gov › learn › about › 625 › sustainable-response-covid-19
  • O&M > Lighting - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ...occupants to bypass the system. Retro-commission lighting controls to ensure that
    https://sftool.gov › explore › green-building › section › 39 › lighting › o-m-impact
  • Policies & Strategies - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ...principles, highlighting six retro-commissioning examples. December 17th, 2020
    https://sftool.gov › learn › agency-practices › 444 › iswg-policies-strategies
  • Slide 1

    ...to determine the most cost effective retro it. Step 6: Use energy and LCCA, along...portfolio wide plan for deep energy retro its. Divide into subsets by type
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › Iswg › iswg-case-studies › 11 CaraCarmichael Victor Olgyay - RMI Deep Energy Retrofits.pdf
  • Slide 1

    ...none of VA buildings meet all GP's  Retro-Cx and day-lighting are common deficiencies
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › Iswg › iswg-policies-strategies › 16 ChristinaStamper JohnPark - VA Green Building Program.pdf