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Individual sustainability projects should support strategic long-term goals. But how do you set long-term goals and plan projects to meet them? Here you can explore practical approaches to strategic long-term planning that emphasize resource and risk reduction.


Net Zero Energy

Net Zero Energy means that a building balances its energy needs with energy produced from renewable, zero-emission sources. Learn how to assess your performance, prioritize improvements, and evaluate renewable options.

NREL Research Facility

NREL Research Support Facility, Golden CO


Climate Adaptation

Adapting to climate change is a complex, long term process that requires personnel to work together across their organization, as well as with any external stakeholders. Learn how to conduct a Climate Risks Workshop at your facility.

Sea Level Rise

Global Sea Level Change 1992-2010, NOAA


Framework for Managing Climate Change Risks to Federal Agency Supply Chains

Explore a GSA-developed supply chain risk management framework to assess climate or weather-related risks to supply chains and develop plans to minimize those risks.