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Post Award Strategies for Verifying Successful Delivery of Sustainable Products and Services

Final Deliverables

Verify that final deliverables (such as, design, study) have incorporated sustainability requirements.

Product or Service Documentation Submission

Verify that product documentation or project submittals provided by contractors show compliance with all sustainability requirements. See the Procurement Info under Product Details in the GPC and Resources for Verifying Sustainable Products section for further guidance. If there are too many product documents or project submittals to verify, random sampling can be used for verification.

Waste Management Report Submission

Verify that waste management hauling receipts show compliance with all waste management requirements. If there are too many waste management hauling receipts to verify, random sampling can be used for verification.

Contractor Reporting

Take reasonable steps to validate the completeness and accuracy of any contractor-submitted sustainability reports (for example, biobased report required by Federal Acquisition Regulation Clause 52.223-2, Reporting of Biobased Products Under Service and Construction Contracts). Reasonable steps can include comparing the data submitted in the sustainability report with the sustainability products that would be expected as part of the contractor’s performance requirements.

Social Sustainability Requirements

See the Responsible Business Conduct page for the Best Practices in Post-Award Procurement Actions.

Performance Evaluation

When the contractor has not complied with one or more of the sustainability requirements in the contract (for example, environmental requirements, social sustainability requirements), document this non-compliance as part of the performance evaluation. See the Procurement Info under Product Details in the GPC on determining whether documentation provided by the contractor confirms the product or service meets the sustainable requirements included in the contract.

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