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Composite Panels

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Composite Panels

Engineered products designed for use in structural walls, curtain walls, floors and flat roofs in commercial buildings.

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Interior Panels
Plastic Lumber
Structural Interior Panels
Structural Wall Panels
Guiding Principles
Contributes to meeting The Guiding Principles for Sustainable Federal Buildings
Additional Guidance

According to BioPreferred, composite panels have the following product types and can be described as: 

  • Acoustical - Engineered products designed for use as structural and sound deadening material suitable for office partitions and doors.
  • Countertops-A solid work surface found in residential, commercial or industrial setting. Products may be used in but not limited to kitchens or other food preparation areas, bathrooms or lavatories, and workrooms in general
  • Interior Panels - Engineered products designed specifically for interior applications and providing a surface that is impact-, scratch-, and wear-resistant and that does not absorb or retain moisture.
  • Plastic Lumber - Engineered products suitable for non-structural outdoor needs such as exterior signs, trash can holders, and dimensional letters.
  • Structural Interior Panels - Engineered products designed for use in structural construction applications, including cabinetry, casework, paneling, and decorative panels.
  • Structural Wall Panels - Engineered products designed for use in structural walls, curtain walls, floors and flat roofs in commercial buildings.

Compliant products not listed in GSA Advantage! may be available for federal purchase under GSA Schedule 51 V SINs 105 001 & 105 002 by visiting approved hardware stores in person or purchasing through the product catalogs of approved vendors.

BioPreferred maintains an electronicproduct catalog listing products that either 1. are eligible for preferred federal procurement, or 2. have earned the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label.

For products such as composite panels, the applicable Guiding Principle for High Performance and Sustainable Buildings depends on what characteristics are included in the product.  If it has biobased content it would be GP 5, if it is low-emitting it would be GP 4, if it's both, it would be included in both. "Low emitting" would be any product that has a low emissions or low VOC standard.

Structural Wall Panels certified under UL2818 GreenGuard may be available from contractors on the following GSA Multiple Award Schedules:

  • Schedule 51V SINs 105 001 and 105 002
  • Schedule 56 SINs 563 29 and 563 23
Potential LEED Contributions

This product may contribute* toward points in multiple LEED v4 rating systems, including areas required for LEED v4 building certification. Primarily, the credits will apply in the Building Design and Construction (BD+C) and Building Operations and Maintenance (O+M) categories. This includes the specialty areas of: New Construction and Major Renovation, Existing Buildings, Core & Shell, Schools, Retail, Data Centers, Warehouse and Distribution Centers, Hospitality, and Healthcare. Specific credits are:

  • Indoor Environmental Quality - Low-Emitting Materials
  • Materials & Resources - Building Product Disclosure & Optimization
    • Environmental Product Declarations
    • Sourcing of Raw Materials
    • Material Ingredients

* It is important to note that no products, individually or collectively, can guarantee a specific number of points for LEED Category credit. Each credit will need to be matched to the product by a certified professional.