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  • Cafeteria & Food Services

    Includes the preparation and offering of food and beverage items, waste management, and the ongoing management of the cafeteria space.

  • Custodial Services

    Includes the cleaning and upkeep of a wide variety of space types, such as office spaces, cafeterias, bathroom, and fitness facilities.

  • Electronic Equipment Leasing

    Includes the supply, operations and maintenance, and disposal of electronic products, such as computers or imaging equipment.

  • Fleet Maintenance

    Includes routine servicing and maintenance of fleet vehicles, such as oil changes.

  • Landscaping Services

    Includes routine maintenance (e.g., mowing, fertilizing, watering), development of new sites (from design to execution), and/or the rehabilitation of existing space (e.g., tree removal, installation of irrigation systems).

  • Laundry Services

    Includes washing, drying, pressing, and/or dry cleaning of government-owned clothing, linens, and other items.

  • Meeting & Conference Services

    Includes all activities related to planning and executing meetings or conferences.

  • Pest Management

    Includes the planning, development, operations, and maintenance for pest control and removal at federal facilities and on other properties.