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Food Preparation

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Design Guidance

Overall Strategies

Food preparation areas are needed to wash, cut, peel, and otherwise prepare raw food for serving or cooking. These stations in a food service environment usually include a sink for washing fruits and vegetables, a cleanable, anti-microbial surface for cutting and temporary storage, refuse collection areas, and refrigerated under-counter storage.

Cool Food Prep Area

Surfaces used for food preparation should be easy to clean and anti-microbial. A sink should be within close proximity for both hand-washing and food washing. Trash and compost receptacles can be built into the prep area or located close by for easy removal of food scraps. Under-counter refrigeration units are often placed below the food preparation counter for easy storage of cut and washed food prior to serving or cooking.

Best Practices

  • Use cleaning and sanitizing chemicals that balance environmental considerations with appropriate food safety cleanliness standards. See the Commercial Food Service Standard 189 for additional information.

Compare Food Preparation Options

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Federal Requirements

Guiding Principles