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Tinted glass and glass with a reflective coating are glazing alternatives that reduce heat gain. One example, low-e glass, has a thin metal coating to allow light to pass through the glass;  heat remains on the side where it is originating (it keeps the sun’s heat out of the building and mechanical heating inside the building).  Low-e coatings contribute to energy efficient window assemblies.

Whole Building Design Guide | Windows and Glazing

Whole Building Systems

  • Lighting - Example Survey Questions

    Is there a requirement that daylight should be maximized by appropriate window placement, size, glazing type and controls?

  • Lighting - Lighting Designer/Engineer

    The lighting engineer is responsible for ensuring that all lighting regulations are met, interior and exterior spaces are sufficiently and elegantly...

  • HVAC - Architect

    The architect has as much or more impact on the HVAC system than any other member of the integrative team. An architect’s decisions - the building ...


  • Interior Glazing

    Interior glazing is an option that may replace part of the standard wall construction to allow natural light to penetrate into the interior spaces...
  • Glass - Tinted / Colored / Fritted

    Although clear glass is the most common glass component of a window system, tinted glass may be used to reduce solar heat gain. Multiple colors are ...
  • Storefront / Curtainwall Assemblies

    Storefront or curtainwall assemblies are "built-up" systems of glazing and metal frames that can span full or multiple floors. These systems requi...
  • Fiberglass

    Fiberglass glazing is typically only used for skylights and other specialty applications. Fiberglass glazing has excellent thermal properties a...
  • Glass - Single Pane

    Single pane windows are not typical in new commercial buildings as they resist the transfer of heat poorly and have an insulating value (R-value) of...
  • Glass - Multi-Pane

    Single-pane glass has been replaced by double, triple and even quadruple panes, with insulating materials separating the layers. Inert gasses may ...
  • Glass - Low Emissivity

    A Low-E coating is a microscopic thin layer of metal or metal oxide deposited on window glass to prevent heat and ultra-violet (UV) rays from passin...
  • Glass

    Glass doors are useful for allowing light into a space, and may be used as part of a daylighting strategy, both on the exterior and internally. Gl...