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FMI Training Providers

Benefits of Aligning Training to the FBPTA Competency Model

FBTPA-Aligned Training will be included in the FBPTA Accelerate FM tool (AFM) where federal employees are searching for training to fill their competency gaps. As a provider you will be exposed to multiple federal agencies and their employees. Any training, private or government, that focuses on Facility Management and Operations, including the competency areas listed below, are eligible to apply.

  1. Management of Facilities O&M
  2. Performance of Facilities O&M
  3. Technology
  4. Energy Management
  5. Safety
  6. Design
  7. Sustainability
  8. Water Efficiency
  9. Project Management
  10. Business, Budget and Contracting
  11. Leadership and Innovation
  12. Performance Measures

There are no fees for a provider to align their training to the FBPTA Competency Model. The decision to align a training is based solely on GSA or other agencies' interest in the training and available review budget. A third-party contractor will be tasked by GSA to review training submissions.

Training Review Process

You can become an FBPTA aligned training provider through the following process to review training for alignment with the FBPTA core competencies. First, the training provider prepares a Submission Template explaining the learning objectives and course materials that apply to each FBPTA performance. A third-party contractor with expertise in facility management, energy management and building operations, reviews the submission and determines if the submission addresses each performance fully, partially or not at all. FMI works with the provider to understand and clarify the submission as needed. The scoring sheets for the training are then published on SFTool.gov for public comment. Training added to the curriculum through this process are considered “FBPTA-Aligned” and address the performances indicated on the Core Competencies and Recommended Curriculum, which is updated annually.

From a provider's point of view - GSA approves the alignment and sends a letter stating the training is FBPTA-Aligned and providing rules of engagement on how to advertise it.

From a student's point of view – The aligned training will be available on the AFM toolopens in new window for the student to add it to the professional development plan to show progress in meeting required competencies are associated with their positions.

Training Provider Resources

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