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Learn & Plan Topics

  • Space Reconfiguration and Renovation Projects

    As needs change over time, tenants often need to convert space or phase the conversion of individual space or rooms to meet these changing needs....

  • Under 10,000 SF Interiors Gut Rehab Project

    This page provides Sustainable Strategies to consider as a space has or will undergo a major tenant gut rehab for projects under 10,000 SF.

  • Building Systems Upgrades

    This page details Sustainable Strategies to consider as your space undergoes a building system upgrade to improve energy, water use, and occupant co...
  • Building Operations and Maintenance Services

    Follow these sustainable strategies as your space renovations are complete and the building and interiors are operated in an environmentally sustai...
  • Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

    Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) is most simply described as the conditions inside the building. It includes air quality, but also access to da...

  • Energy & Atmosphere

    Buildings and facilities rely on the operation of mechanical systems and electrical systems to maintain a high level of indoor environmental qual...

  • Adaptable Workplace Laboratory

    This case study provides an in-depth look at using flexible interiors to design for adaptability

Occupant Sensor/Automatic Lighting Control

Occupant sensors and automatic lighting controls can save energy by turning lights off when occupants are not present or when enough daylight is present to light the space. These controls can also help occupants take advantage of the benefits of natural light.

Whole Building Systems


  • Occupant Sensor

    Occupant controls use sensors to deter...
  • Timer

    Timer controls can be set to turn lights on and off at certain times, therefore specifying the duration of time the lights will be turned on.
  • Shades

    Shades are window coverings that block or reduce sunlight penetration through windows. Shades are available in different operational styles such as ...
  • Lighting Control Software

    Lighting can be controlled using comprehensive software that offers some of the following tools. Load shedding controls will turn off nonessential...
  • Occupancy-Control Device

    Occupancy control can save a great deal of energy as it energizes outlets only when users are present and de-energizes them when the space is vacan...
  • Manual-On, Vacancy-Off Control Device

    A manual-on, vacancy-off control device is a slight modification of the occupancy-control device. It energizes a plug-load when it receives manual i...
  • Automatic Low-Power State

    The first, and in some cases most effective, control method is a built-in, automatic low-power state functionality such as standby or sleep. Some ma...
  • Metering / Sensor-operated

    Metering faucets dispense water for a pre-determined period of time. Combined with a high-efficiency aerator, metering faucets deliver a pre-d...