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Video Conferencing


Video conferencing equipment, such as LCD projectors, screens and flat screen TVs, can reduce the need for work-related travel and thereby reduce an organization's carbon footprint.


O+M Tips

  • N/A

End of Life Tips

  • E-waste, like videoconferencing equipment, should be kept out of the landfill, and instead, recycled. Visit Earth911.com to determine the capacity of local facilities.

For alignment with LEED Standards

  • Energy: Comply with ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1-2010.
    • BD+C EA: Minimum Energy Performance
  • Energy: Install ENERGY STAR qualified equipment for at least 50%- (by rated-power) of ENERGY STAR eligible equipment installed as part of the scope of work.
    • ID+C EA: Minimum Energy Performance