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Laminate is created from layers of decorative paper and kraft paper - a strong, moisture-resistant product. These papers are treated with melamine resin or plastic coating and fused together using high heat and pressure. The name Formica is often used to describe laminate, but Formica is actually a name brand, much like Kleenex.


O+M Tips

  • Use cleaning chemicals and solutions that are Green Seal certified

End of Life Tips

  • The resins typically used in laminate are not recyclable.
  • Visit Earth911.com to determine the most responsible way to dispose of the material.

For alignment with LEED Standards

  • Regional Materials: For credit achievement calculation, products sourced (extracted, manufactured, purchased) within 100 miles (160 km) of the project site are valued at 200% of their base contributing cost.
    • BD+C and ID+C MR: Building Product Disclosure and Optimization – Sourcing of Raw Materials and Material Ingredients
    • O+M MR: Purchasing - Facility Maintenance and Renovation
  • Construction Waste: Recycle and/or salvage a minimum of 50% of nonhazardous construction and demolition debris.
    • BD+C and ID+C MR: Construction and Demolition Waste Management
  • Setting Adhesives and Grout: Must meet the volatile organic compound (VOC) requirements of South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Rule 1168.
    • BD+C and ID+C EQ: Low-Emitting Materials
    • O+M MR: Purchasing - Facility Maintenance and Renovation