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Incandescent lights are becoming obsolete and are no longer produced in the U.S. Although inefficient, they possess a number of other key performance advantages--they turn on instantly, are available in a variety of sizes, and provide a pleasant light. This category also includes halogen lamps.


O+M Tips

  • Develop a lamp purchasing plan for future lamp purchases that will maximize lamp efficiency while maintaining low mercury content.

For alignment with LEED Standards

  • Lighting Lifetime: For at least 75% of the lighting load, use light sources that have a rated life (or L70 for LED sources) of at least 24,000 hours (at 3-hour per start, if applicable).
    • BD+C, ID+C, and O+M EQ: Interior Lighting
  • Mercury: Implement a lighting plan for the building and site that specifies an overall building average of 70 picograms of mercury per lumen-hour or less for lamps purchased.
    • O+M MR: Purchasing - Lamps