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Gypsum Board


Gypsum board (i.e. drywall) ceilings are similar to acoustical ceilings in that they improve the acoustical properties of a space and sometimes contain recycled content. Gypsum board is uncommon in larger areas due to its higher cost.


O+M Tips

  • Gypsum Board which is often painted can be cleaned with microfiber cloths and appropriate Green Seal certified products.

End of Life Tips

  • If in good condition, materials can be donated to organizations like Habitat for Humanity that will reuse them
  • For materials that are well worn or damaged, recycling is the next best option. Contact the manufacturer for recycling information, or visit Earth911.com to determine the capacity of local facilities.

For alignment with LEED Standards

  • Regional Materials: For credit achievement calculation, products sourced (extracted, manufactured, purchased) within 100 miles (160 km) of the project site are valued at 200% of their base contributing cost.
    • BD+C and ID+C MR: Building Product Disclosure and Optimization – Sourcing of Raw Materials and Material Ingredients
    • O+M MR: Purchasing - Facility Maintenance and Renovation