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Paper Towels

Last Updated: 06/19/19

A paper towel is a disposable, absorbent towel made from paper that can be used for drying hands, wiping windows and other surfaces, dusting, and cleaning up spills.

Product Details
  • Federal agencies are required to purchase products as designated or specified under this program
Procurement Info

Where to Buy

  • Statutory Requirements
  • Agencies are directed to use the applicable statutory requirements AND the EPA recommended standard and ecolabel.
  • CPG CPG View sample contract language
  • (40-100% recovered fiber; including 40-60% postconsumer fiber)

  • AND
  • EPA Recommended Specifications, Standards, and Ecolabels
  • Green Seal GS-01

  • For additional options, as well as information about these standards, please go to EPA’s Recommendations website.
Guiding Principles
Contributes to meeting The Guiding Principles for High Performance and Sustainable Buildings
Additional Guidance

Paper towels that meet the Green Seal 01 standard may be available from contractors on the following GSA Multiple Award Schedules:

  • Schedule 73 SIN 852 3
  • Schedule 75 SIN 75 85
  • Schedule 51V SINs 105 001 & 105 002
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