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Lab Water Consumption

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Design Guidance

Overall Strategies


Best Practices

  • Shut off water using equipment when not in use.
  • Set equipment to the minimum flow rate allowable per the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Run glassware washers at full load only.
  • Retrofit steam sterilizers with controls that automatically sense the need for tempering water.
  • Install expansion tank instead of using water to temper steam in steam sterilizers, if it does not interfere with the normal operation.
  • Increase the recovery rate of water purification systems with pre-treatment and optimization of the flow configuration.
  • Consider reusing discharge water from water purification systems in non-potable applications.
  • For new water purification systems, choose equipment based on high recovery rate.
  • Eliminate water stills. Use reverse osmosis or ion exchange methods when possible, to save water and energy.

Compare Lab Water Consumption Options

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EB = Existing BuildingsNC = New Construction and Major Renovation

Federal Requirements

Guiding Principles