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Design Guidance

Overall Strategies

Signage can be used to educate building tenants about and encourage better recycling habits while in the space. If the content will frequently change, consider electronic video screens in lieu of paper print-outs to save resources.

Best Practices

  • Communicate progress towards achieving building energy efficiency, solid waste reduction, or other sustainability goals.
  • Post table talkers, pamphlets, or other signage to educate visitors about the biobased and compostable materials being used.
  • Display signage about the environmental benefits associated with design choices within the food service area. For example, educate visitors about compostable and biobased materials while they are waiting in line.
  • Display real-time information about current energy consumption and/or performance of alternative energy systems such as solar panels.
  • Provide signage promoting stair use to encourage physical activity.
  • Encourage occupants to use alternative means of transportation such as cycling to promote respiratory and cardiovascular health.

Compare Signage Options

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EB = Existing BuildingsNC = New Construction and Major Renovation

Federal Requirements

Guiding Principles