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Cold Food Service

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Design Guidance

Overall Strategies

Fresh foods may require refrigeration in the service area. Some products require enclosed refrigeration, such as reach-in cooler units or fully-encapsulated ice cream dispensers, while other foods can be cooled from below using ice or exposure to cooled surfaces. Care should be taken to ensure products are maintained at the proper temperature; too warm and the food quality is compromised and too cold and energy is wasted.

Best Practices

  • Select equipment that does not use CFC based refrigerants or uses SNAP-program approved substances.
  • Manage plug-load by selecting products that can be powered off completely during non-business hours.
  • Select energy-conserving appliances, including Energy Star rated and FEMP-designated appliances.

Compare Cold Food Service Options

EB = Existing BuildingsNC = New Construction and Major Renovation

Federal Requirements

Guiding Principles