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Entrance Mats

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Design Guidance

Overall Strategies

Entrance Mats, located at the main doors of the building, trap the contaminants from foot traffic. Consider using varying zones of coarseness for entrance mats depending on their proximity to the exterior - the first scraping coarse dirt from soles, the second removing moisture and finer particles, the third absorbing more moisture and drying footwear. This supports improved environmental quality within the office building. Vinyl walk off mats should be avoided if at all possible as the material is known to produce toxins in its manufacturing process.

Best Practices

  • Install permanent walk-off mats at least six feet long at all direct entrances from the exterior to help prevent outdoor air particles from affecting the indoor air quality (IAQ).
  • Consider installing entrance mats at interior suite reception areas to further remove dust and dirt.
  • Clean non-permanent entrance mats frequently to maintain their effectiveness.

Compare Entrance Mats Options

EB = Existing BuildingsNC = New Construction and Major Renovation

Federal Requirements