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Learn & Plan Topics

  • Environmental Programs

    Environmental programs, both federal and third party, help buyers identify products and services with posit...

  • Tools & Training

    This section covers and links to systems, methods, databases, calculators, checklists, etc. designed to help Federal officials and their partners ac...
  • Using Acquisition Life Cycle Tools

    Guidance on how government tools and resources can be utilized during each phase of the procurement life cycle.
  • Biophilic Design

    Learn why nature is so important to us, what we know about the benefits of nature, and how biophilia is being applied in buildings, particularly in ...
  • Materials & Resources

    In the construction and day-to-day operations of buildings, many materials and resources are used and a great deal of waste is generated. The m...

  • Water Efficiency

    Buildings are significant users of the Earth’s freshwater supply. The goal of a responsible building operator should be to encourage a sma...

  • Sustainable Sites

    Choosing a building's site and managing that site during construction are important to ensure a project's sustainability. Environmentally responsibl...

Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP)

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) sets minimum energy efficiency requirements for product categories that have the potential to generate significant Federal energy savings.  FEMP does not purchase, recognize, endorse, or otherwise identify specific energy-efficient products for Federal procurement.  Instead, FEMP identifies energy efficiency requirements for a category of products, which is typically an energy consumption level within the upper 25% of the product category.  Products that meet FEMP-designated efficiency requirements are in the upper 25% of their class in energy efficiency and may be assumed to be life cycle cost effective.  Federal agencies are required by law to purchase FEMP-designated or ENERGY STAR-qualified products.  FEMP also maintains a list of products that meet FEMP-designated standby power requirements. 

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Whole Building Systems


  • LED

    Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights have become the most energy efficient and most life...
  • Automatic Low-Power State

    The first, and in some cases most effective, control method is a built-in, automatic low-power state functionality such as standby or sleep. Some ma...
  • Broadloom Carpet

    Broadloom carpet (also known as sheet carpet) is any type of carpet which is woven on a wide loom. The most common carpet fibers are made of Nylon, ...