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Frosted or Fritted Glass

Frosted or fritted glass is glass which is intentionally scratched, sandblasted, or notched so that it provides privacy while still allowing visible light to pass through.

Whole Building Systems


  • Interior Glazing

    Interior glazing is an option that may replace part of the standard wall construction to allow natural light to penetrate into the interior spaces...
  • Glass - Tinted / Colored / Fritted

    Although clear glass is the most common glass component of a window system, tinted glass may be used to reduce solar heat gain. Multiple colors are ...
  • Glass - Single Pane

    Single pane windows are not typical in new commercial buildings as they resist the transfer of heat poorly and have an insulating value (R-value) of...
  • Glass - Multi-Pane

    Single-pane glass has been replaced by double, triple and even quadruple panes, with insulating materials separating the layers. Inert gasses may ...