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in the Green Procurement Compilation

Learn & Plan Topics

  • Health

    Good health has both physical and psychological components. Being healthy means the absence of disease and illness, as well as feeling posi...

  • Integrative Design Process

    Integrative thinking looks for synergies among strategies - strategies that enhance one another. It also looks for strategies that, taken together, ...
  • Environmental Programs

    Environmental programs, both federal and third party, help buyers identify products and services with posit...

Whole Building Systems


  • Waterless Urinal

    Waterless urinals are touch-free fixtures that are designed to be entirely water-free. Instead of using water to clean the bowl, urine travels...
  • Seating

    Seating is a critical component of the furnishings. High quality ergonomically flexible seating options are paramount in supporting a high quality ...
  • Decorative / Accent Lighting

    Decorative / accent lighting is designed to illuminate special architectural features or artwork. Decorative / accent lighting fixtures typically u...