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Whole Building Systems

  • Lighting - Green Tips Behavior

    Facilitate the transition from a passive occupant to an active participant through training and incentives. Where appropriate, account for passive ...

  • Water - Fire Safety

    Water, sometimes coupled with suppressant foam, is used to subdue fires in the event of an emergency by distribution of a fire sprinkler system. The...

  • Lighting - Lighting Impact on Occupants

    Lighting Ecosystem Lighting in the workplace can be better understood as an ecosystem that includes lighting design as just one component of a netw...


  • Desk

    Desk selection should be driven by sustainable materials. Refer to the compare section for guidance. Using casters will support the flexibility ...
  • Task Seating

    Task seating is exceptionally important in open offices because of the amount of time employees spend here. It should hold a third party certificati...