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  • Water Efficiency

    Buildings are significant users of the Earth’s freshwater supply. The goal of a responsible building operator should be to encourage a sma...

  • Space Reconfiguration and Renovation Projects

    As needs change over time, tenants often need to convert space or phase the conversion of individual space or rooms to meet these changing needs....

  • Building Systems Upgrades

    This page details Sustainable Strategies to consider as your space undergoes a building system upgrade to improve energy, water use, and occupant co...
  • Health

    Good health has both physical and psychological components. Being healthy means the absence of disease and illness, as well as feeling posi...

  • Materials, Furniture, and Furnishings Replacement

    Daily wear and tear means that materials, furniture and furnishings require periodic replacement.

Nonwater/Waterless/Dry Fixtures

A nonwater fixture is a type of high-efficiency fixture. There are nonwater toilets and nonwater urinals, although nonwater urinals are far more common. Nonwater urinals have no flush mechanism. Liquid travels through a gel-filled cartridge which forms a seal designed to prevent odors from escaping. Maintenance involves the replacement of the cartridge after a certain number of uses, specified by the manufacturer. There are various types of nonwater toilets including foam, incinerating and composting - all of which eliminate the need to flush water down the toilet during normal operation.

See Composting Toilet

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Whole Building Systems

  • Water - Green Tips

    Replace standard plumbing fixtures with high efficiency fixtures.

  • Lighting - LED Downlight Lamps for CFL Fixtures

    Finding: LED downlight lamps for existing CFL ballasts can produce energy savings between 40-50%, matching light levels and quality, and have a...

  • Water - Plumbing Fixtures

    High efficiency plumbing fixtures (toilets, urinals, faucets, and showers) can lead to significant water savings. FEMP BMP #6 gives some guidance on...