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Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT)

EPEAT® is a comprehensive environmental rating system that makes it easy for purchasers to select environmentally preferable electronic products, and, in doing so, reward manufacturers for their environmental design efforts and create environmental benefits.  Under the EPEAT system, products are measured against both required and optional criteria that cover the full life cycle of electronic products.  A product must meet all of the required criteria in its category to be added to the registry.  It is then rated Bronze, Silver or Gold depending on how many of the optional criteria it meets.  EPEAT is staffed and managed by the Green Electronics Council (GEC), a program of the International Sustainable Development Foundation (ISDF).  Federal agencies must ensure that they meet at least 95 percent of their annual acquisition requirement for electronic products with EPEAT-registered electronic products, unless there is no EPEAT standard for such products.

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