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New Space - Laboratory

Check out the SFTool’s new Laboratory space type!

Check out the SFTool’s new laboratory space type! From countertop lab equipment to fume hoods to incubators, this space will teach you how to conserve energy and reduce waste while educating your visitors about sustainability. Visit the new space type now to see what you can do!

Explore the Laboratory

Building sustainable practices one decision at a time



Learn concepts to expand your understanding of sustainable workspace principles.

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Incorporate sustainability into your project from the start using planning steps in this section.

Start Planning Your Sustainable Project


Explore building systems and interior spaces for sustainable guidance, tips and materials to incorporate in your projects.

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Identify sustainable products and their associated guidance to facilitate green purchasing decisions.

Green Procurement Compilation


Get involved by looking at case studies share by others and contributing your own!

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Sustainable Guidance for your Role

The Sustainable Facilities Tool offers useful sustainable guidance and tools for a variety of roles.

Click a below for a guide to get started.

Solid Waste: Don’t throw money away!

Put a lid on rising disposal costs by aiming for zero! You can get to zero waste through a holistic approach to solid waste systems. Learn about management tools and waste reduction techniques that keep dollars in your pocket and out of the landfill!

Learn More about Solid Waste

Hot Annotations

Need help understanding Executive Order (EO) 13653? Want to learn more about the impacts of climate change on environmental conditions?

Click through the annotated document for definitions, strategies, and links.

Try the Hot Annotation of EO 13653

Custom Product Lists

Use custom lists to track products that are of interest to you and download the list as an excel spreadsheet anytime you want.

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