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Patio Blocks

Last Updated: 06/06/24
Patio Blocks

Patio blocks made from 90-100 percent recovered plastic and 90 to 100 percent postconsumer rubber are used in garden walkways and trails.

Product Details

To the maximum extent practicable, federal agencies are required to buy sustainable products, which are products that meet the purchasing program(s) listed below.

If there is more than one program listed below, agencies are directed to prioritize multi-attribute products, which meet statutory purchasing program requirements (asterisk) and one or more required Environmental Protection Agency purchasing programs.

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Product Type

Procurement Info

Where to Buy

  • CPG CPG opens in new window asterisk
  • (90-100% recovered plastic or plastic blends)
  • CPG CPG opens in new window asterisk
  • (90-100% postconsumer rubber or rubber blends)
Guiding Principles
Contributes to meeting The Guiding Principles for Sustainable Federal Buildings