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Solar Photovoltaic

Last Updated: 06/24/19

The direct conversion of sunlight into electricity by a semiconductor

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  • Federal agencies must ensure that renewable energy accounts for at least 7.5% of total electricity consumption.
Guiding Principles
Contributes to meeting The Guiding Principles for High Performance and Sustainable Buildings
Additional Guidance

The Federal Renewable Energy Certificate Guide provides basic information for Federal staff who are new to the concept of renewable energy and renewable energy certificates (RECs), and are seeking to better understand the options for using RECs to meet Federal renewable energy targets. It is intended to assist agencies in understanding the use of RECs to meet the statutory and Executive Order 13693 goals for renewable energy.

To ensure quality and safety in PV installations, view Procurement Specifications Templates for Onsite Solar Photovoltaic: For Use in Developing Federal Solicitations.  Using the template language and associated background information is intended to reduce the amount of effort required to prepare such documents, while improving the outcome of onsite renewable power systems—an attempt to save each agency from the effort of “reinventing the wheel.”

Guiding Principle for High Performance and Sustainable Buildings #2 can apply when implementing renewable energy generation projects on agency property for agency use, when lifecycle cost effective.