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FMI is a cloud Institute bringing together government, industry and academia with the goal of integrating, aligning and innovating all aspects of the Facilities Operations and Management profession through continuous collaboration on core competencies, curriculum, continuing education and knowledge networking.

The simple on-line curriculum released on 14 June 2012 was an introduction to some of the outstanding no cost government courses. This will compliment the comprehensive blend of industry and government courses that will make up our recommended curriculum to deliver the knowledge, skills and abilities required by the core competencies.

In order to establish a baseline of knowledge in Operations and Management, we highly recommend that all personnel pursue education leading to an industry certification. In addition to providing a common frame of reference, certification guarantees an industry acknowledged standard of professionalism and credibility. It also provides professional development opportunities, both in terms of advanced facilities management certifications or through the participation in a community of practice.

Legislative Intent

Taxpayer investment in Federal facilities must be protected and leveraged through the cost savings involved in maximizing building performance. Achieving this level of performance requires a government wide program that stresses training and continuing education in the implementation of industry best practices and life cycle operations and management. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works Report-paraphrased.