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Composting is the process of decomposing organic waste such as paper plates, food waste, and yard trimmings.  By composting, less waste is sent to the landfill.  Soil with compost improves plant growth with less water; compost can also be used for erosion control. 

EPA | Composting at Home

Whole Building Systems


  • Compost

    Composting is the collection of organic food waste that can be used for fertilizer or soil enrichment once the food items biodegrade. Many types of...
  • Composting Toilets

    Composting toilets use an aerobic process to break down waste by using little or no water. There are two types of composting toilets: [self-con...
  • Cool Food Prep Area

    Surfaces used for food preparation should be easy to clean and anti-microbial. A sink should be within close proximity for both ...
  • Dish Washing Station

    Dish washing stations consist of multiple-compartment sinks or basins with faucets and pre-wash sprayers as well as high-tempera...
  • Food Washing Station

    Food preparation stations usually require access to clean water. Select faucets that carry a Water Sense label for water efficie...
  • High-Efficiency Toilets

    High-Efficiency toilets are those that use 1.28 or less gallons of water per flush gpf. Also included are composting toilets which require litt...