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Construction Air Quality Management

Construction activities can threaten the indoor air quality of an occupied space. Precautions should be taken to protect the health of construction workers as well as the health of occupants. These precautions include ensuring that airborne particles from construction activities are isolated from the permanently installed HVAC equipment; flushing out toxins before occupancy; ensuring absorptive materials are kept dry and that the facility is kept free from mold; and using construction materials low in harmful VOCs.

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Whole Building Systems

  • HVAC - EQc3

    Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan

  • HVAC - EQc3

    Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan

  • IEQ - EQc3

    Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan

  • Planted Roof - EQc3

    Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan

  • IEQ - IAQ Management

    Construction and renovation projects pose a unique threat to indoor air quality. IAQ management plans should be instated that emphasize the protecti...

  • IEQ - Guiding Principles for Sustainable Federal Buildings

    Provide occupants with safe and healthy ventilation and thermal comfort, in alignment with applicable ASHRAE standards and statutory requirements....

  • HVAC - Commissioning

    The process of ensuring that your building is operating properly starts with commissioning. In general, commissioning is the process of ensuring tha...


  • Overhead Air Distribution

    Overhead air distribution is the most common approach to mixing and delivering conditioned air to a space, though the delivery method can vary from ...
  • Under Floor Air Distribution

    Under floor air distribution systems supply conditioned air to an occupied space via diffusers in a raised floor. This system effectively maintains...
  • Air Hand Drying

    Air-based hand drying utilizes high speed air and/or warm air to remove or evaporate water from a user’s hands. The high-speed air systems are sl...