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  • Emerging Technologies

    Daylighting Systems Photovoltaic- Thermal System Vacuum Insulated Panels for...Windows for LPOEs Honeycomb Solar Thermal Collector Control Optimization System
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › Iswg › iswg-case-studies › GPG - K Powell GSA - ISWG 180517.pdf
  • GSA GEB Case Study Report Mar 2021.pdf

    ...potential to both manage occupant comfort and save money on energy bills with...facility managers to keep occupants comfortable and reduce utility costs by actively
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › GSA GEB Case Study Report Mar 2021.pdf
  • Guiding Principles for High Performance and Sustainable Federal Buildings and Associated Instructions

    ...cost-effective renewable electric energy and thermal energy projects on- site. Consider...Ventilation and Thermal Comfort Provide safe and healthy ventilation and thermal comfort
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › guiding_principles_for_sustainable_federal_buildings_and_associated_instructions_february_2016.pdf
  • GSA Impact Study_ISWGpost.pdf

    LED lights w/ sensors & dimmers thermally-enhanced envelope geothermal heat...Occupant thermal comfort systems Individually controlled thermal zones Daylight
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › Iswg › iswg-case-studies › GSA Impact Study_ISWGpost.pdf
  • PowerPoint Presentation

    ...natural gas, and water Install solar thermal hot water system (integrated approach...Passive chilled sails provide thermal comfort Workplace Amenities 21 st Century
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › Iswg › iswg-case-studies › Federal Center South Building 1202 %E2%80%93 RThomas, Mar. 2013.pdf
  • Guiding Principles for Sustainable Federal Buildings - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    Principles? View Section 2 (Health, Comfort, and Performance) Congress has enacted...your agency for access) ASHRAE 55: Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human
    https://sftool.gov › learn › about › 631 › guiding-principles-sustainable-federal-buildings
  • ISWG HAWG 1-25-18.pdf

    ...long-time IEQ goals: Ventilation and Thermal Comfort Daylighting and Lighting Controls
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › Iswg › iswg-policies-strategies › ISWG HAWG 1-25-18.pdf
  • The WELL Building Standard

    Conditioning. Moscow, Russia:2006. COMFORT: THE ISSUE 40Copyright© 2017 by International...levels Metabolic rates DEFINING THERMAL COMFORT American Society of Heating Refrigeration
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › Iswg › iswg-policies-strategies › ISWG_GSA WELL Intro 2.0.pdf
  • NASA/Clark Energy Group JPL ESPC Contract

    ...back then: make the interior as comfortable as possible even though the building...Another feature to manage interior comfort was the use of high ceilings heat
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › Iswg › iswg-case-studies › NASA JPL ESPC with notes.pdf
  • Slide 1

    ...flexibility & demand-focused optimization Thermal energy storage Battery storage ...temp setback X X X Window film X X Thermal storage X Chilled water and hot water
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › Iswg › iswg-policies-strategies › 4 - Sandler-Hydras GEB talk for ISWG 12-5-19 v5.pdf
  • Slide 1

    Depleting Substances Ventilation and Thermal Comfort Site Selection and Building Orientation
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › Iswg › iswg-case-studies › USDA Green Buildings %E2%80%93 CBroad, Sep. 2013.pdf
  • Microsoft PowerPoint - ISWG_-_Briefing_2014-05-22.pptx.pptm

    ... Prevailing Breezes Outdoor Thermal Comfort TOOLS SUSTAINABILITY STUDY 26
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › Iswg › iswg-policies-strategies › 10 Donna McIntire - Sustainability Global Portfolio.pdf
  • Living Architecture: Green Roofs for Public Buildings

    ...to the rise in sea levels through thermal expansion and melting glaciers. As...or released by high mass layers Thermal mass or insulation has the same effect
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › Living_Architecture_Green_Roofs_for_Public_Buildings.pdf
  • Green Globes Basic Presentation

    Ventilation and Thermal Comfort - Meet ASHRAE Standard 55-2004, Thermal Environmental
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › Iswg › iswg-tools › 14 Erin Shaffer - Principles for New and Renovation Construction.pdf
  • Policies & Strategies - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ...information, visit the NREL Battery and Thermal Energy Storage website. August 20th...Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort, and Mind. Beyond building design
    https://sftool.gov › learn › agency-practices › 444 › iswg-policies-strategies
  • A Temperature and Seasonal Energy Analysis of Green, White and Dark Roofs

    ...moderate; (2) the roof is underlaid with thermally effective insulation board; and (3)...to the atmosphere, maintained a “comfortable” temperature above freezing during
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › Columbia_A_Temperature_ and_Seasonal_Energy_Analysis.pdf

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