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Assessments are essential tools for linking science and decision making. They survey, integrate, and synthesize science, within and between scientific disciplines and across sectors and regions.

Source: USGCRP: Assess the U.S. Climate - What are assessments?

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184 Results : assessments

  • Best Practices & Case Studies - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ...indicators at its headquarters over time to assess progress and determine areas that need
    https://sftool.gov › learn › agency-practices › 446 › iswg-case-studies
  • Biophilic Design - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ...colleagues in a Pittsburgh hospital assessed the relationship between indoor daylight
    https://sftool.gov › learn › about › 580 › biophilic-design
  • Indoor Water Conservation

    Use Field Research and Baseline Assessment: U.S. EPA Wynkoop Building, Denver... G. B. (2005). Update of Market Assessment for Capturing Water Conservation
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › Iswg › iswg-case-studies › Indoor Water Conservation.pdf
  • water_implementing_instructions.pdf

    ...water audits and a commissioning assessment for the purpose of identifying conservation...facility. The results can be used to assess the progress being made to reduce water
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › water_implementing_instructions.pdf

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