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  • Mandates / Standards > Planted Roof - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    SSc3 Heat Island Reduction EQc1 Indoor Air Quality Management Program EQc5 Daylight...Impact Reduction EQc3 Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan EQc8 Quality
    https://sftool.gov › explore › green-building › section › 80 › planted-roof › relevant-mandates-and-rating-systems
  • MaterialDetails - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ...oil. End of Life Tips If in good condition, materials can be donated to organizations...compound (VOC) requirements of South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD)
    https://sftool.gov › material › 1986 › wood
  • MaterialDetails - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ...regularly End of Life Tips If in good condition, furniture can be donated to organizations...formaldehyde emissions that meet the California Air Resources Board ATCM for formaldehyde
    https://sftool.gov › material › 2046 › composite-wood-furniture
  • Biophilic Design - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ...age, gender, and general health conditions. Ulrich found that patients with...respiratory symptoms likely linked to improved air quality. In addition to green plants
    https://sftool.gov › learn › about › 580 › biophilic-design
  • MaterialDetails - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ...installation process. If in good condition, flooring materials can be donated...compound (VOC) requirements of South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD)
    https://sftool.gov › material › 1964 › wood-flooring
  • Laboratory - Details View - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ...cooling needs better than a variable air volume system. Chilled beams not only...efficient and even cooling but also minimize air blowing down on lab benches and disturbing
    https://sftool.gov › explore › green-workspace › 89 › laboratory
  • Guiding Principles for Sustainable Federal Buildings - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ...2: Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality (paid resource; check with your...ASHRAE 55: Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy (paid resource;
    https://sftool.gov › learn › about › 631 › guiding-principles-sustainable-federal-buildings
  • Green Procurement - Janitorial Services - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ...removers, and more BioPreferred Includes air fresheners, cleaners, floor protectors...South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Clean Air Solvent (CAS)
    https://sftool.gov › greenprocurement › green-services › 7 › janitorial-services
  • Climate Adaptation and Resilience Planning Examples - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ...softscaping to reduce the existing site condition from 83% impervious area to 65%,...level rise and extreme water level conditions for three time horizons: 2035, 2065
    https://sftool.gov › plan › 432 › climate-adaptation-resilience-planning-examples
  • Healthy Cleaning - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ... and visitor health, improve indoor air quality for occupants, and support a...preparation areas or in other products (e.g., air sanitizers, carpet sanitizers, etc.)
    https://sftool.gov › learn › about › 645 › healthy-cleaning
  • Building Certification Standards Crosswalk - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    Enhance the Indoor Environment: Indoor Air Quality during Construction and Operations...they follow ASHRAE 55 and 62.1. Indoor Air QualityDocumentation—Upload summary
    https://sftool.gov › learn › GRScrosswalk
  • The Importance of Daylight - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ...well as electric light, thermal conditions, air quality, and acoustics. The study
    https://sftool.gov › learn › about › 579 › importance-daylight
  • ISWG

    ... Water Underfloor air distribution Acoustics Air quality Workplace functionality...occupant presence 120 Subjects Each condition tested for one month Baseline at
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › Iswg › iswg-case-studies › 13 Judith Heerwagen - EPA Denver Demonstration Project.pdf
  • Grid-Interactive Efficient Buildings - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ...efficiently include: ensuring there are no air leaks, using sensors or timers to ensure...prepare for, and adapt to changing conditions and withstand, respond to, and recover
    https://sftool.gov › learn › about › 638 › grid-interactive-efficient-buildings
  • Green Procurement - Pest Management - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ...excerpt for pest management services at Air Station Sitka CDC Integrated Pest Management...pests and recognizing conducive conditions for pest infestation. Educate building
    https://sftool.gov › greenprocurement › green-services › 4 › pest-management
  • Green Procurement - Meeting & Conference Services - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    ...drivers to minimize idling and the use of air conditioners. Use reusable linens, flatware...toxic poisonous chemical are not in the air, on food, or anything guests and employees
    https://sftool.gov › greenprocurement › green-services › 10 › meeting-conference-services
  • PowerPoint Presentation

    ...information in these cells for the conditions specified Legend Performance Map...Information 24.4°C Outdoor Air DryBulb Temperature Indoor Air WetBulb Temperature
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › Iswg › iswg-tools › 3 DanielStuder ElizaHotchkiss - TPEx Overview and Update.pdf
  • Building Operations and Maintenance Services - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    Enable occupant control of ambient conditions in workspaces through individual...Ensure delivery of high-quality outdoor air and adequate ventilation Install filtration
    https://sftool.gov › plan › 268 › building-operations-maintenance-services
  • Guiding Principles for High Performance and Sustainable Federal Buildings and Associated Instructions

    ...minimizing waste, protecting indoor air quality, and requiring the use of integrated...with multiple principles include indoor air quality, accessibility of staircases
    https://sftool.gov › Content › attachments › guiding_principles_for_sustainable_federal_buildings_and_associated_instructions_february_2016.pdf
  • Green Procurement - Transportation Services - GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

    Levels” based on their contributions to air pollution, including greenhouse gases...contracts include basic terms and conditions, the ordering agency is responsible
    https://sftool.gov › greenprocurement › green-services › 11 › transportation-services

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