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Absolute Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Absolute greenhouse gas emissions are the total greenhouse gas emissions without normalization for activity levels and includes any allowable consideration of sequestration.

Federal Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Reporting Guidance

Whole Building Systems

  • Submetering - Impact on Emissions

    Energy efficiency projects, resource management strategies, and energy benchmarking all have two things in common. 1. well-executed programs help t...

  • HVAC - Executive Order 13693 (2015)

    Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade Executive Order (EO) 13693 specifically involves HVAC components in a number of sustain...

  • Planted Roof - Air Cleansing

    Planted roofs contribute to improved air quality by capturing greenhouse gases, particulates, pollens, and molds. The vegetation on a planted roof c...


  • Gas Burner

    Natural gas is often used in cook-top equipment similar to a residential range. Electric burners can be used in lieu of gas. Coo...
  • Grill and Griddle

    A grill and griddle uses heat elements under a metal surface to cook food. The heat elements can be powered by natural gas or el...
  • Systems Furniture

    Systems furniture is frequently used in open office areas because of its flexibility in being reconfigured and rearranged. It is generally comprised...